It all started as a fun way to sell some baby clothes…

In 2012, I wanted to clean out some closets and get rid of some furniture I didn’t use anymore. Most of my items were barely used. Firstly, all my items were in excellent condition, it made more sense to sell the items because they were too nice to donate. Secondly, and I also didn’t want the hassle of a garage sale. So I finally started thinking, if I had all this really nice stuff to get of, then someone else may be in my same situation. This is how the idea of Mountain Brook Trading came to be.

Close to 200 Facebook of my friends immediately joined the online trading site. Many moms made some extra cash too, selling items that they no longer needed or used and they could buy new items at a fraction of the cost. “I encouraged them to post their boutique, designer, and cool vintage items that were too nice to give away, but that they no longer needed with a price and then they could sell to each other,” I explained. It led to a huge following in the city and now has members from all over Birmingham.

Mountain Brook Trading is a boutique style trading site for members to sell their gently used, designer and upscale furniture, home decor and other items that they no longer use. Most items are still in great shape and our buyers can find some great finds for their home.

Photo by: Kristin Koenig


Mountain Brook Trading is a fun, friendly and safe place to connect with your neighbors for local and in-person commerce.

MBT is the most epic scavenger hunt at your fingertips where you can shop, hunt, and discover killer clothes, local treasures, everyday needs and vintage finds. Discover local treasures – at your doorstep or around the city.


Buy, sell, swap, trade, give and be neighborly! There are thousands of people in this city and each person has lots of nice items that they never use anymore. It is just sitting there collecting dust. Does your home have some barely used “stuff” in it that could be sold or “traded”?

Imagine our town as one large marketplace, powered entirely by local communities. That is is Mountain Brook Trading, my friends!


MBT is a community of friends, family and neighbors that trade in a a trusted environment between themselves.

The website is part of facebook so you can see if you have friends in common and you can private message each other prior to the trade. If there is ever an unsettling feeling never feel you need to make the trade. Inappropriate activity and content is not allowed and results from being banned with no questions asked.


Turning local strangers into friendly neighbors. Mountain Brook Trading is for local person to person commerce. Our mission is to create a FREE, fun, friendly and safe online venue that enables better and more personal face-to-face dealings between neighbors.

Stop dealing with strangers – it’s time to be neighborly!