Become a What’s Happening in Mountain Brook Partner

I have a new opportunity for you to promote your business (brand, boutiques, restaurants, services) to a large audience, you can now advertise your business on one of my highly engaged Facebook groups with over 60,000 members from all around Birmingham, AL.  

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How it Works

  1. Fill out this Application: Apply Here
  2. Upload the photo and copy you would like to post on the Facebook group.
  3. Select which group you want to your sponsored add to post in: Mountain Brook Trading (Facebook or Varagesale) or What’s Happening in Mountain Brook (Facebook)
  4. Select which type of post you want to purchase: Regular Post, Daily Announcement, Weekly Announcement, Banner (see below for info)
  5. Please include Company Name, Facebook Page, Contact Information, Website, IG Account, etc in the post’s copy

When you send your application, I will review everything to get ready for the launch. By purchasing this product, you will get The opportunity advertise your business on our Facebook group once approved via email. Your post will be live in the next few hours following its approval. I will keep your comments live on the post activated for 7 days. I will hashtag your post #sponsored so your post will be found in the “#sponsored” topic of the group. This make it easier for our members can easily find your offer. 

3 Types of Group Posts

  1. Regular post $0 – You will be able to submit your post yourself on the Facebook group.

2. Daily Announcement Post $25 – I will make, post and add the post to the “announcements” of the group for 7 days/1 week. 

3. Weekly Announcement Post $140 – I will make, post and add the post to the “announcements” of the group for 7 days/1 week. 

4. Banner $300 – I will make, post and add the post as the “banner” of the group for 7 days/1 week. 

Pay via Venmo (@laurasilsbee)

A Little More Info

By purchasing this product you agree to work with us via email to create a post that both your company and ours are comfortable posting.  Please note that we will not allow posts about network marketing or about companies using network marketing for their promotion. We will also not allow opportunities that require the content creators to buy a product/service in order to promote it. We also reserve the right to refuse any offer or post.

If your post can’t be allowed on the group because it doesn’t fit our standards and you have already purchased the post, you will be reimbursed if purchased less than 30 days prior. We will not offer reimbursement once the post has been made on the Facebook group or the 30 days have passed. We also do not guarantee the success of your post or the number of interactions/conversions. Once the offer has been published, any edit made to it must also be submitted to us and approved before being made.

Serious offers only. Please allow a few days for the posting process to be complete, as it will vary depending on if your post needs to be altered and we will need to approve your post on the group which I typically do once per 24 hours. 

Designed for Local, Small Businesses

  • local product
  • boutiques
  • restaurants
  • service

Who Will This Reach?

Mountain Brook Trading will reach local communities in and around the Greater Birmingham Area.

  • Birmingham
  • Mountain Brook
  • Homewood
  • Vestavia
  • Hoover
  • 280
  • Trussville
  • and more

How Large are These Groups?

  • What’s Happening in Mountain Brook Facebook Group (23K Members)
  • Mountain Brook Trading Facebook Group (64K Members)
  • Mountain Brook Trading VarageSale (59K Members)

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