Well Hey There!

Hi, I’m Laura

Welcome to my little piece of the world. I’m a southern girl from Alabama, a FASTer Way to Fat Loss health coach, blogger, self-proclaimed gluten-free chef, high school sweetheart, and a laid-back mama with a little bit of OCD, just trying to balance life, family, and all the things that pop up.

Like you, I try really hard to stay organized and love to cook homemade, healthy meals for my family, but let’s face it… most of the time I feel like I am treading water just to stay afloat. Life is busy and I’m betting you agree.

Very into pilates, gluten-free pancakes with extra syrup, green juice & making websites

Where this all began

After starting my two successful Facebook groups with years of buying and selling clothes and furniture on Mountain Brook Trading, and recommending places and things I love on What’s Happening in Mountain Brook I started to think that it would be great to combine the two and have a site for local places to eat, boutiques to visit, plus share health tips, recipes and everyday things that I really enjoy with you.

That way I can answer the questions that I always get…where did I get my shirt, how do you eat gluten-free, what is the recipe for my chicken, where did you get your mirror, what color is your bronzer, etc. I figured other people may read this, besides my mom and sister, so here it goes. So I saved up a little money and invested a ton of time to create this space.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

on the beach

Listening to

widespread panic

grateful for

my family & health

Favorite Restaurant

Dyron’s Lowcountry

Favorite Team


best vacation

napa valley

Favorite Foods

Salad & sushi

Goto Outfit

jeans & a tee

favorite sports to play

tennis & pickleball

My Goal to Inspire…

I am the first one to tell you I am still figuring things out and my life is not perfect by any means, but I cannot complain. Just remember, I am not a chef, but I love to cook. I am not a decorator, but I love to make my home a happy haven, I am not a stylist, but I wear things that make me feel good, I am a wife, mom, daughter, and sister that loves to share. As I love to say, It is what it is! So stay a while and hang with me. We will have lots of fun, and I’m excited to share my everyday things with you. I know there are a million things I don’t know, so I want YOU to share your favorites too! , etc. So help a girl out, please share!

XOX, Laura

A little history…

About Mountain Brook

I grew up in Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, a gorgeous community with stately Tudor homes, sidewalks everywhere, and friendly faces. After moving away for a number of years, we realized how much we loved our little town and that we had to raise our family here. So we moved back to the south since the villages, schools, and neighborhoods were the best around. If you are familiar with my city, then you know we are spoiled with all our amazing local shops and famous restaurants. Each village has its own personality and vibe. My goal is to start sharing my favorite shops and restaurants here.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

I became a certified health coach with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss in 2019 and have helped lots of moms learn how to eat healthier and reach their fitness goals. Most felt defeated because their body changed after children and as they got older the things that used to work, no longer did for their health. The FWTFL provides a step-by-step solution to incorporate into their lifestyle.

Sweet Briar College

I went to Sweet Briar College in Virginia (the tiny college that almost closed down and was saved by the amazing alumnae. That in itself should be a movie!)

High School Sweethearts

I married my high school sweetheart, Mead. We met at the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour in 1989 and immediately started dating. He still makes me laugh even after all these years of being together. But truth be told, we have been through a ton of good times, but I think what has bonded us together more than anything is the gnarly tough times we have shared, {think loss and infertility}. Yup, over 30 years together! Pretty darn cool! It has been a fun life growing up and getting old with my BFF. We make every attempt to go on date night at least once a week and spend a lot of time at the lake. We have three fabulous boys and one spazzy doodle dog!

As newlyweds, we moved to Park City, Utah. We stayed there for 6 years because of the summers {not the snow}. We both got into real estate there and never had a job at the ski resorts. Yes, we had real jobs in a ski resort town!!!

30A and Lake Martin

My favorite place to go for a weekend trip is either Lake Martin or the beach on 30A. I love being outside in the sun, which probably explains my obsession with overpriced skin lotions and potions.