22 Best Fall Hats for Southern Women

Fall is here and the weather just got a little cooler here in Birmingham, which I am loving!!! I have never been a huge hat wearer, but the older I get the more I have enjoyed them. (Think about all those years I have missed out!) As I go through my own closet looking for some cute fall outfits I noticed a few hats, that I need to pull down and start wearing. Check out my Amazon Round up Here.

Since I live in Alabama, the weather is pretty mild and I do not have to bundle up like I did when I lived in Park City, UT. So we get the benefit of cute winter styles without the heavy weight and fabric. So when you look for a cute hat, skip the bulky materials. Scroll to the Bottom to my top 22 hats.

There are three types of hats I prefer to wear. A felt fedora, a cowboy hat and a beanie. Actually, 4 – I do love my baseball caps A LOT! But tend to wear those playing tennis, or running errands with dirty hair.

Can I wear Straw Hats in the Fall?

These are one of my favorites for summertime, however, when Fall comes I prefer not to wear a straw hat because the mesh of the straw doesn’t keep me warm enough. So I do prefer a felt hat. Now you do you though! If that’s what you have and want to wear then go for it! Because they are so cute!

What types of hats are good to wear in the fall?

There are so many different types, but these work for me and would probably work for you depending on your style. Here are my favorites:

  • Beanie: fleece, knit, or wool
  • Cowboy Hat: felt is a must, wool is also great, but it can get itchy
  • Fedora: Again I prefer felt
  • Bucket Hat: These are really cute in felt, but are also fun in a faux fur

What is the best Color for a fall hat?

There are 6 colors I think are the best for fall because they are so earthy and neutral. But again, Go with what you love! If it is pumpkin orange, then do it!

  • Winter white
  • Black
  • Brown (all shades of brown)
  • Grey (use lighter or darker tones of grey)
  • Navy Blue
  • Dark Green

Fall Favorite Hats for You this Season

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