15 Restaurants to Grab a Bite in Cahaba Heights

Growing up in Birmingham, my father grew up on an old cute cottage in Cahaba Heights. It is actually where Flower Magazine is headquartered now. Way before the Summit was built and there was endless shopping down Highway 280, Cahaba Heights was in the country.

In fact, did you know that Cahaba Heights had two other names? New Merkel and Slab Town.

The houses were shanties. Built and held together with found scraps. I remember some had goats, chickens and other livestock roaming around. Close to the Walgreens (which used to have a Western Supermarket on it) was an old junk yard with rusty old cars piled high on top of each other.

Where the Olive Branch is was an old BBQ place called Max’s BBQ. The building is the same and almost identical as it was beck in the 70’s. I love eating there because it is a blast back in time for me and now I take my kids there for the best Greek Food in town! The town has definitely improved as it has aged.

Nowadays, there are some fun restaurants and shopping, plus the location is so easy to get to and cannot be beat! Our family goes here frequently to grab a bite. These are our favorite places we go to.

I hope you get a chance to visit a few of them!!

XO, Laura

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